4th of July Wand

Do you have a younger child that isn’t quite ready for the sparklers the big kids wave around? We do and our solution is this 4th of July wand! The ribbon streamers on this wand make it fun to twirl with and this way everyone in your family can join in the 4th of July fun. These wands are always a huge hit, so you may want to make a few.

4th of July Wand Materials:

  • 3 inch foam star
  • Red and blue craft paint
  • Red, white, and blue ribbon
  • Wooden dowel
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

4th of July Wand Directions:

  • Paint the foam star red. Paint the wooden dowel blue and set aside to dry.
  • Stick the dowel into the bottom of the star till secure.
  • Tie on red, white, and blue ribbon.

Craft courtesy of allkidsnetwork.com

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